Got Questions? We Got Answers!

Q: How can my school be a part of Plause?
A: First off, we are thrilled that you are interested! To answer your question, get in touch with us at with your Name/School and we will get back to you ASAP!

Q: How will Plause help me?
A: Well that cute girl down the hall that you’ve been eyeing all semester? The one whose name you don’t even know? Yeah- now you know her name and you have a reason to talk to her when you’re awkwardly standing in an elevator with her. “Hey! I just read an article about you. Awesome stuff.” Plause set it up for own up and ask her out on a date already!

Q: I don’t care about anyone. Why should I read Plause?
A: Well..maybe you don’t care about anyone but people will start caring about you! Submit your article and notice for yourself how many people around campus will start recognizing you for your uniqueness. Hey! Maybe you’ll even start to make some friends ;)