What is Plause you ask?

Plause is an organization dedicated to inspiring students, faculty and alumni of various Universities and Colleges around the nation to be their best by encouraging them to showcase their talents and inner unique qualities. Part of the mission is to make the college community culturally aware and in tune with its members extraordinary skills and beliefs. Because the populations in these communities are so large, it is very difficult for members to attain any recognition for their accomplishments. Members of large universities especially have reported that they feel insignificant and unnoticed. In this predicament, Plause presents a solution by offering a platform in which these deserving communities can spotlight their members and give them a voice.

Plause originated @Rutgers University, New Jersey. The Plause project for Rutgers University is called “HowTo RU”, its slogan being “HowTo Be YOU and conquer the RUScrew!”

At a University with over 60,000 students and even more faculty members, they will now be able to conquer the infamous “RU Screw”. As defined on Urban Dictionary the ‘RU Screw’ is a colloquial term used to describe “the tendency for Rutgers University to f*%k you over in some way or another due to their incompetence. Be it financially, academically, or otherwise. It eventually happens to everybody that attends the university.”