Rutgers Dining Halls: Do's and Don'ts!

"Simple tips for dining hall success."


- Eat breakfast every morning. One of the best things at the dining hall, is breakfast. Two words: Omelet Station.
- Stand in line to be swiped in. Don’t be obnoxious.
- Have some manners, clean up after yourself.
- Say "please" and "thank you", to the men and women working in the dining hall(s).
- Go to Livingston dining hall as much as possible
- Go to midnight breakfast during finals week, it actually kind of helps, and its breakfast, which is the best food dining halls have.
- Remember this tip: If it's breakfast or lunch, it might be okay to eat alone. But, it is never okay to eat alone for dinner.
- Grab a toothpick and a breath mint when leaving.
- Use all of your swipes! You paid for them. But, make sure you pace yourself.


- Be the guy who steals ketchup from other tables, without asking first.
- Piss off Nancy.
- Be the group of people the entire dining hall can hear.
- Be the guy who brings in his laptop and spends the day in a dining hall.
- Take a bunch of food and then throw away everything.
- Go to the dining halls on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays unless you REALLY want to eat leftover, stale, cheap, hotel continental, breakfast style food.
- Go to Lobster night and not get Lobster.
- Go to Brower, unless you like prison food and a dungeon-like, seating environment.
- Sit at a table for eight, if it's just two of you.
- Go alone to the dining hall, unless you're dripping with self-confidence. Get takeout instead.
- Expect to be beat the freshman fifteen, especially if you live off takeout.
- Run out of swipes one month into the semester.
- … get a meal plan if you have the option.

--- Avery Phillips
Class of 2014