Dylan Argenziano

I am a self-taught DJ and producer of techno and tech house.

My passion for music most likely comes from my father, who is a well-established multi-instrumentalist specializing in percussion. My father is also signed to multiple production labels in the percussion, concert, and marching band industries. Although my father's life is consumed with music, he pushed me towards sports during my childhood so I began playing baseball, football, and hockey until I reached college. Little did my father know how much love I had for a simple kick drum pulsing through a great subwoofer.

Once I entered college, I gained much more freedom living away from home. I began to fall more in love music each day until it eventually consumed my life. I began to dj after realizing I had an endless desire to experiment with music, manipulating it in my own ways to create something unique. Once my marriage to house music began, I started traveling to New York City often until I eventually settled into my genre of choice after visiting many different clubs. I can't say that the dark, underground music I love matches my personality. However, for some reason, I have a love and dedication to the afterhours. There is something about a big, dark dancefloor accompanied by a pounding bass until the sun rises, where one's sense of reality is altered as the music takes over. The music is so raw at this time, the dj has nothing to lose. He has a special bond with the underground crowd because of the unifying love for house music. This connection is what keeps me going, the only advice I can give to aspiring artists is that you must be willing to give everything for the music.

With such a demanding industry, only those who devote their heart to it will succeed and prosper. The road to success is very long, and I have just crossed the starting line. Until you commit your entire body and soul to your work, it will be hard to find success. However, once success is first reached it will only fuel your creativity and allow you to grow as an artist.