My name is Carol Gao and I am a senior at Rutgers University who has a love for all things related to art. While I don't claim to be a master of any craft, I dabble in almost all forms of media available to me. I write, direct, draw, compose, and play a few instruments. My talents range in quality from tolerable to almost enjoyable.

Throughout my college career, I've found myself changing into an almost unrecognizable version of myself every year or so, and the beautiful, stupid garbage I create is an abstract reflection of my transition into the person I am today. The collection of whatever absurdity I end up producing is a personal journal that helps me reflect back to moments of pain, of elation, of loneliness, of anguish, of self-discovery. I believe that there lies a boundless depository of ideas and stories within every physical object, every verbal exchange, every undulation of change in the environment surrounding me and I am compelled to find the stories begging for a chance to be shown to the world.

Catdad! is the first short skit that I wrote, directed, and produced. It is about a dad who is also a household pet-more specifically-a cat. One day, Catdad's son decides to bring home a cute girl from school who he wants to impress and make out with. However, his plans are soon throttled by Catdad's overwhelming charm and uncanny ability to embarrass teenage boys.

Catdad! from Art Bath on Vimeo.