How To Have A Great Four Years And Still Graduate On Time

I’m about to graduate in two months and recently, I find myself looking back, wondering where all of the time went. Fortunately, I’ll be graduating on time. But for some of my friends, that’s not the case. Over the last four years, I’ve partied too much. I’ve smoked one too many cigars. I’ve taken way too many trips to Atlantic City, and pulled a lot of all-nighters. I’ve blown an absurd amount of money on nice dinners and trips to the bar. But, if I could go back, I wouldn’t change a thing. College is probably one of the most fun times of your life. You get to hang with your friends seven days a week, and you have hardly any responsibilities. It’s bittersweet. But ultimately, we need to graduate and move on to bigger and better things. There are several things you can do to maximize your time here and still graduate on time.

Coming into college with credits will definitely lighten your load. I only came into Rutgers with 6 credits, but, it still enabled me to reduce my classes for two semesters. The next thing I’ve learned over the past few years, is how to R E L A X. Everything happens for a reason and everything A L W A Y S works out in the end. It’s very important to have goals, but if things don’t go according to plan, you don’t need to freak out. I initially thought I wanted to get into the Rutgers Business School, so that I could get to Wall Street. But, I partied the night before my Statistics final and I ended up failing the class. But, you know what? It was the best thing that could’ve ever happened to me. I would’ve been unhappy with classes I didn’t want to take in the business school and with the heavy course load. Instead, I ended up majoring in Economics and minoring in Entrepreneurship. I realized, I didn’t need to go to career fairs, or be in the business school in order to get to Wall Street. The reason for this, was my ability to network.

One of the most important tools you have, is networking. This will unlock doors and grant you opportunities you’ve never dreamt possible. Up here at Rutgers, I’ve learned that everyone knows someone that you know. This one mutual friend, will lead you to the best parties. But more importantly, it will force you to connect with other people, that in the end, will get you into those parties. I’ve gained a lot of really close friends by being introduced to people, and this goes to show how much networking is useful- in college and in the real world. I’ve been working since I was 14 yrs. old. Each one of the six jobs I’ve had, ranging from construction to financial planning, came from networking and knowing the right people. How can a Rutgers graduate with a 3.4 GPA, compete with Harvard and Yale graduates with a 4.0 GPA and still get to Wall Street? Networking. Currently, I’m launching my own company called Crosby & Co., and we’re breaking into the luxury fashion accessories industry. Networking, has put me in touch with all of the right people who can take my company to the next level. Just start T A L K I N G to people, because you never know who they know. You’d be surprised to see how many people are willing to help.

Lastly, you need to manage your time and maintain a B A L A N C E D lifestyle. This seems pretty obvious, but it’s much harder to do than you think, especially in college. There are 168 hours in a week, and I can guarantee most kids are wasting a lot of it. You’ll learn in life, that time is the most important asset, ahead of the three other greatest things in life: Family, Friends and Money. I’m not a morning person, and out of all of my friends, I was probably the prime example of this. I’d come up with the most creative schedules, managing to have classes only for two days a week, this way, I could go out at night and sleep in almost every day of the week. I wanted to make a change. But more importantly, I had to.

Now, I wake up early and get so much more accomplished throughout the day. The second part, is remaining balanced. I can thank my parents for always reminding me of this, and it has prevented me from B U R N I NG O U T. Over the past four years, I’ve always made it a point to get to the gym 3-4 times a week to stay healthy. I’ve gone to enough classes to pass and keep my GPA fairly high and worked to maintain an average, expensive lifestyle, that I enjoy. As long as you accomplish what’s required of you and balance your social life around that, you’ll be fine. It seems as we grow older, life goes by even faster. You’re going to make mistakes, just remember to learn from them and never make the same one, twice. As long as you work hard and play harder, you won’t have any regrets.