Sheena Magaline

Hi, everyone! I'm Sheena Templo. I am a fourth year student here at Rutgers University. In pursuit of a degree in medicine, I am currently majoring in Public Health and working part-time as a medical scribe at the University Medical Center of Princeton. I am also secretary for Rutgers University's Pre-Students of Osteopathic Medical Association (Pre-SOMA)!

For many people, hobbies have become a therapeutic outlet from all the craziness they experience in their everyday lives. With today's stressful and busy lifesyles, it is very important that we take the time out to do something that we like just for fun. For me, it's my fashion blog - www.loveyna.com.

Although LoveYna is still very new, it has become an extension and an expression of my admiration and love for fashion and for the written word. I have always really enjoyed writing, but it has always been in secret. I've always written in a personal journal and never in public, so this blog was quite a big step for me! Moreover, I've also always been drawn to fashion. I love details, textures, and colors, and most of all, I love creating art out of it. There is truly no better feeling than being able to express yourself so freely through a hobby.